Writing Positions


Writing Positions

MiraiScope is always looking to cover multiple games in Console & PC space, so practically we are taking open applications all the time. I beg you to read everything very carefully in this page (if you are not prepared properly on your application it will make you look careless and unprepared, which is bad) I’ve compiled a simple Q&A to get good understanding what we want from you.

Are the Writing Positions being paid?

For those who do not know – Running simple ads on a website is hardly bringing any money, most of the time it just pays the server costs. Since we are not taking Corrupted money from Triple AAA studios, we work for peanuts pretty much, so no we don’t pay in money. Of course now and then we get Beta/Alpha/Game keys which will be distributed for writers who want them.

What kinda games i can write about?

We are mainly based for PC Gaming which focuses on MOBA, RTS, MMORPG heavily and FPS, Indie, Horror on the side. We are not Anti-Console, so if you want to write about fighting games or latest Pokemon game sure go ahead. We don’t do Mobile/Tablet games though…

What sort of articles you want to see?

We consider Interviews & Editorials as most valuable content, of course legal datamining and reviews are very welcome too. Of course now and then we do copy paste press releases, but we try to do much original content as possible.

What i must include on my application?

It’s pretty simple stuff, but please make sure you include everything. We need your Age, Country, Is English your first language?, Writing experience if any, How much freetime you have from School/Job/NEET, also tell us something about yourself and your goals/hobbies, if you have photoshop skills those are a plus. Be prepared to do an sample article!!!

Think Twice

Not everyone is builded up to be a writer. I had multiple people in my old website who did one article and quit pretty much. It’s going to be lot of independent work, i will be there personally helping out, but i won’t be watching over your shoulder. We are very interested working with people who have YouTube channels so we can integrate your content to our articles, which makes the partnership beneficial for both ways. You can leave your application to Sugi@MiraiScope.com

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