World Of Final Fantasy Review

World Of Final Fantasy Review

It’s really been a while since ive played a great Final Fantasy game, in my opinion Final Fantasy 12 was bit of a letdown in terms of character design, story, combat and even the music was very sub-par (Might be the reason why there were no cameo’s from FF12) also i think Final Fantasy 13 and its sequels were uninteresting and plastic experiences for most part. That being said we got Final Fantasy 15 coming up this month and we have this new game which i’m gonna talk about “World Of Final Fantasy“.

First of all i find it bit ironic that a spin-off game can be better than some of the main series games? In terms of multiple aspects this should’ve been the real FF12 or FF13, i think lot of people are not paying attention to this game since its not part of main series, but when it comes to production i think its pretty damn close to being one.

When the game was first announced lot of people made comparisons to Pokemon and lot of ways its very similar to their concept, except you can have multiple monsters in battle instead of one or two. Then of course there is the whole Coliseum and catching the monsters aka Mirages in the game and as someone who played Pokemon games in my Gameboy Color i can still see why its addicting to this day.

Obviously its a game thats aimed for bit younger audience, but it doesn’t really mean it’s all sunshine’s and rainbows there are definitely some mature aspects in the game and then there were some people saying that Story isn’t that great in WoFF – i would have to disagree with that a bit, i mean it doesn’t really evolve that much in 3/4 part of the game, but so called latter stages of the game do give some complexity and twists that you probably didn’t expect.

I only really have good stuff to say about the game, however it might be rather easy atleast on the main story side of things, i really only struggled with very last boss (his 2nd form) and maybe i died once at a Tearoom Side Mission aside from that i swept the board pretty convincingly – then again i haven’t done the lategame dungeons yet and i believe they are going to offer lot of difficulty for me.


Plot & Premise

In the beginning of World of Final Fantasy, the story begins in a place called Nine Woods Hill, and travel through a portal to the world of Grymoire. Grymoire is a land where multiple locations from earlier Final Fantasy titles, such as Cordelia (Final Fantasy) and Saronia (Final Fantasy III), fuse together and where multiple climates exist side-by-side.┬áThe main inhabitants of Grymoire are the chibli-like Lilikins, while its monsters are called Mirages. The protagonists and others like them are referred to as “Jiants”

When Lann and Reynn wake up in a strange place with amnesia, they are told by Kros that they must return through a portal to the world of Grymoire, where they may be able to recover their memories. They are accompanied and aided by Tama, who tells them of the power in their arms to capture and control Mirages. Traveling across Grymoire, the siblings encounter multiple Final Fantasy characters divided into different factions, and must face the threat of the Bahamut Army, which seeks to cast Grymoire into chaos. In the end Lann and Reynn both sacrifice themselves to split all the worlds.



  • The Combat (ATB) is one of the best ones Square has done in years, it offers complexity, choices and fast forward feature making the battles go faster
  • Plenty of things to do whatever its side missions or collecting mirages, game can last easily over 70 hours
  • Both English & Japanese Audio were great
  • Some pretty cool Mixes of old Final Fantasy songs, also an ability to swap battle music
  • Over ~180 mirages to collect and customize to your liking
  • Pretty like-able story and main characters
  • Cool Anime Cutscenes


  • Japanese Audio only available for Day One Edition of the game
  • There might be small lack of difficulty in Main Story Bosses compared to other games
  • The Game could have had some cameos from FF12 and tactics, they left out lot of cool characters out that they could have showcased in my opinion
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