Why Heroes “no meta” philosophy might kill it


Why Heroes “no meta” philosophy might kill it

You’re probably aware if “Heroes Of The Storm“, Blizzard’s contender on the oh so cluttered MOBA scene. If you haven’t though, let me break it down for you. “HOTS” is a traditional, top-down moba featuring multiple maps, branching skill paths and characters from all the Blizzard universes. A couple of it’s most notable features are the lack of items, very objective based gameplay and no meta.

It sound’s promising, right? We’ve all moaned about the shortage of maps in our favorite mobas, and there’s a lot of people who will fall in love with the game solely because of the characters, but one thing worries me. The game is simple. Way to simple. I’m probably not speaking strictly for myself when I say I play MOBAs for the complexity. I love trying new item builds on various characters, and playing them in roles they were not made for. The peak of complexity in this game are the few skill paths you can choose and some character combinations in your team.

The lack of items is the first issue. The only thing that can alter the stats of your character other than leveling are the very few perks you can choose as upgrades for your skills, and those are personalised to every champion, making your choices on each champion even more limited. You dont get to choose between “that purely tank item” or this mixed stats item”, you dont get to decide if you want to get that one item because of it’s active. There is next to no choice.

The arguably worse offender though, is the “no meta” policy Blizzard is going with. Now, I’m the kinda person that always goes “screw the meta” in the games I play. HOWEVER, that action is no fun when every champion is built to play everything. Sure, you have assassins, supports, “specialist” whatever those are etc. but there is no expectation of you of what lane you’ll be playing on or what you’re going to be focusing on. In other mobas I can take a “weak” support character, and watch everybodys’ jaw drop as I carry my team playing them in a completely different position, with a build that I came up with, and that should never work but for some reason does.

Long story short, Blizzard effectively stripped the game of most of what make’s a MOBA fun in favour of casual play and decreasing any sort of flame. Honestly, if the game does survive, it’s only because it’s Blizzard. But hey, it’s just my opinion, I’d love to read yours in the comment section below. See you in-game!

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