Why do I pay for cosmetics


A World of Free games

One might say a lot about the free to play market. Mostly bad stuff, really. However, It cannot be argued that it’s awesome to have a variety of games to play right there, for free (mostly) no catch. In the sea of free games looking to scrape together some change, there’s been more and less succesful monetization models so one has to congratulate Riot for doing such a great job with theirs!

If you don’t know how League’s monetization work’s, lemme break it down for you. The game has 124 champions at the time of posting. Only 10 however are available for play at any time. You can play other ones by unlocking them for either IP (wich is the currency you earn in-game) or with real money. Players can also customize their experience by buying alternative looks for their favourite characters, called “skins” as well as profile icons. Said skins and icons can ONLY be purchased with real money, but they serve purely cosmetic reasons.

As you can see, with this model no player has more power than another. All money let’s you do is earn characters faster or just look swaggy. So why are players shelling out hundreds if not thousands of dollars on virtual cosmetics. Why are they making Riot richer by the day?

How I spent 140 euro on a free game

I… can’t save money. Like, at all. I’ve been trying to save for a new laptop for ages now, but somehow my money keep’s disappearing… Well, at least I know where a fraction of this is going, and that’s League of legends. At the moment of writing this, I have 30 skins, 42 icons and have bought 3 champions with real money. That amount’s roughly to 140 euro spent on a game. A “free” game. And all it did is make me swaggy.

It might sound wrong but… I LOVE showing off. I just like the attention. I love the “Nice skin” or “Dude, that look’s awesome” I get every time I walk into the rift. It just feel’s so rewarding. And it make’s my amazing plays look justified. It’s simply empowering to know people are paying more attention to you.

Would I say that’s why everyone is buying skins? No, certainly now. Some people are just bored to look ate the same freaking character model after 300 matches. There’s certainly other reasons to. Other never spend a dime on the game. Hell, there are even those who have turned the whole thing into a business. I don’t really know and I don’t have to. All I know is people are allowed to do with their money whatever they please, no matter how nonsense it seems. And with that, I end this article. See you on the rift!


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