The GODLIKE a New RTS / MOBA Hybrid Game


The GODLIKE a New RTS / MOBA Hybrid Game

Black Beacon is planning to release its flagship project ‘The GODLIKE in Q4 2016. ‘The GODLIKE’s gameplay is a merging of two game genres – MOBA and RTS. By combining their finest points, we plan to stir up the community with this all-new sub-genre, which we have named Squad-Based MOBA.

When playing ‘The GODLIKE’, players’ skills will be put to the test, as they have to micro-manage a champion accompanied by a number of elite combat squads that allow each player to turn the tide of battle not only by cooperating with allies, but also doing so singlehandedly. Combining the skill sets of squads and champions, players will get involved into an unprecedentedly dynamic battle gameplay, unspotted in other games of the genre.

Aside from having a new type of combat system, ‘The GODLIKE’ also possesses a rich meta-gameplay, which allows players to gain a strategic advantage over the opponents. What’s more, meta-gameplay is unique for each hero, so it’s important to meticulously examine the meta to achieve success.

The visual presentation of ‘The GODLIKE’ is permeated by the dark, post-apocalyptic theme. This world at its darkest hour is full of creatures, the likes of which were never seen in a classic fantasy. A flimsy elf or a stocky gnome wouldn’t last 5 seconds in the world of ‘The GODLIKE, so there is none.
Aside from the aforementioned characteristics, we believe that cybersports is the cornerstone of the game. Our team’s got a number of pro-gamers and former cybersportsmen; thus, we fully understand the pitfalls of the genre and feel the desires of hardcore audience. Despite the fact, novice gamers will not have a hard time playing ‘The GODLIKE’, since rating and matchmaking systems will never toss battle-hardened veterans and wide-eyed rookies into the same pit. All players will be playing in categories that are best suited for them.
We hope that ‘The GODLIKE’ will occupy its own niche in cybersports, which is why the gameplay is created under the guidance of professional gamers and cybersports fans. This game is created for the gamers by the gamers.

The passion behind Black Beacon’s ‘The GODLIKE’ initiative is to create a game that will be played by true fans of RTS and MOBA and would also be epic enough to be watched by friends in front of a TV, sipping on some coke. Join us, subscribe to our channels in social media, since we are all gamers, meaning that Black Beacon is not only us, but also you!

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