Symmetra Achievement Guide

Symmetra Achievement Guide

Here is another OverWatch tutorial for trophies and achievements this time its for Symmetra, last time we had Junkrat. Symmetra has essentially three achievements but third one doesnt involve you playing her instead you gotta destroy 3 of her teleporters in one game that can tend to be very annoying achievement to get. Then again we have the The Car wash trophy that has to be the easiest one to get in the game, all you gotta do is pick her in defense and go to a small room and plant the sentries.

  • Huge Success –  Teleport 20 players in a single quick or competitive play game as Symmetra (Reward: Pixel Spray)
  • The Car Wash –  Hit an enemy with 7 beams simultaneously as Symmetra in quick or competitive play (Reward: Cute spray)
  • The Path is Closed – Destroy 3 of Symmetra’s Teleporters in a single quick or competitive game  (Reward: Sorry spray)

When it comes to The Path is closed achievement you have to just hope that enemy team picks multiple Symmetras or don’t get bored playing symmetra and swap character. This can be rather hard achievement based on your opposition also Symmetra has very low pick rate overall.

Huge Success Achievement

In hindsight i have to say Huge success has to be hardest trophy in the game to gain, since it has so many variables that have to go right in order you to get it. Lets go over some of the requirements that have to be met.

  1. First you have to have payload or payload/capture map, contest maps don’t have enough time to get 4 Teleporters
  2. Then you have to have a preferably a premade team who will kill themselves to go through the teleport, if they won´t go through the teleport early enough you wont have time to grind ultimate meter for next three
  3. It requires you to basically do 4 ultimates in one game and thats rather hard, so you need to stretch game to late as possible.
  4. You have to protect the teleports you cant let single one to get destroyed, by minimum one teleports has to teleport at-least 2 persons.
  5. One teleport can teleport 6 people, Symmetra also counts for the achievement so you can practically suicide if you want to.

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