Strife Preparing a Huge Experimental Patch

Strife Preparing a Huge Experimental Patch

S2 Games has its struggles when it comes to Strife –  a game that has potential but kinda lacks lasting appeal on keeping players playing the game for long term, atleast thats what i think the overall problem is (for me and probably others). The Scene is currently dominated by The Big Three and no one has really been able to challenge them or come even close (RIP DawnGate).

However S2 Games wants to try out something different by changing the game a lot (Didn’t work too well in HoN though…) and they hope with this change they might gain attention of new/old players and keep them hooked up. This huge 0.90 Patch should go live probably within next week or so, you can read full statement of this patch by S2 Games CEO, Marc DeForest from down below.

Hello there Strifians (?),

My name is Marc DeForest, I am the CEO of S2 Games. I wanted to stop by and give an update about what is going on with Strife. The game is currently still in beta. While albeit open beta, we are still looking to fine tune the game and get it to a place we are happy. We chose to go from closed beta to open beta to achieve a wider, more realistic audience to gain feedback and identify potential short comings in the game.

We are unhappy with Strife as it exists. That said, we have been readying a pretty significant update that makes some major changes to impactful systems. Some of these changes touch overall health & power values, mini-boss changes, hero scaling, item impact, game length, gold distribution, and other game mechanics. We have also completely overhauled the launcher and in game UI and have a few heroes to add to the mix.

As stated, it is a big patch, there were no areas of the game we identified as untouchable. We have successfully re-engineered things to create something that is identifiabley Strife yet feels completely different (and yes, we think better). Your decisions have more impact on the game, there are higher high’s to achieve, and the game is slightly less forgiving. Great players will be truly dominating heroes and feel the glory of their triumphs. There is greater separation in skill and performance and the overall experience is far less numb.

We are putting the finishing touches on this patch, but to perfect it we will need the help of the entire community. Our small, internal test groups are simply not capable of creating enough dynamic situations to fine tune our changes. We plan to offer this experimental patch, gather data and feedback, and quickly iterate our changes.

What I hope you will all see from these changes is that we are committed to making this game great and we have to see trends in data to show that we can go to commercial release and grow the community.

Expect it in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned :)

If you are interested trying Strife out, you can participate on Open Beta (Don’t worry there is no resets anymore) –

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