Strife Launches in Steam

Strife Launches in Steam

S2 Games have announced that they will launch Strife in Steam, currently the game is in early access. You can buy special starter packs which will save you some money, granted Strife prices are pretty high in general compared to most other MOBA on the market.

As a personal thought i think Strife is doing the right decision and i feel that if you aren’t on steam you can’t compete with the other titles (unless your something like world of tanks or league of legends). If you don’t play strife yet you can sign up here –

Here is some general faq about the Steam release.


Q – I have an account already, how do I make it a Steam account?
A – You can link your current Strife account to Steam if you so choose. To do so, download Strife on Steam. When you first open it, it will prompt you to make a new account or to link an account!

Q – I love that ____ skin! Can I only get it from the DLC?
A – As of right now, any skin available in any DLC is currently Steam exclusive.

Q – Why aren’t the achievements showing as complete? I know I have won at least 1 game!
A – Steam achievements you have completed will become active once you complete your first game through Steam. Hero based achievements will become active after playing that hero.

Q – Where is the install button? Why isn’t the patch appearing?
A – Try restarting Steam! This will fix the majority of these types of issues. If this doesn’t fix the issue, let us know and we will be sure to look into it. If you continue to have problems installing it, you can download it HERE.

Q – I have a or PlayPark account. Can I use Steam?
A – Currently no, but we are working on transferring accounts to regular Strife accounts at which time you will be able to! Until further notice, SEA players using PlayPark accounts will not be able to link their accounts to Steam, but will still be able to play Strife the same way they always have.

If you have any other questions, just let us know!

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