Start Your Own YouTube Network


Start Your Own YouTube Network

Starting from now MiraiScope will be offering a chance to create your own YouTube Network under us (Sub-Network). This is a great oppoturnity to earn some extra pocket cash or create a community that you are able to manage yourself. We offer a progressive structure, which will give you more % earned per partner as you get more people to join your network, we believe this is a great way to motivate people to work harder and get better results.

Q: What do i need to do in order to get a Sub Network under MiraiScope?

A: Send application with information about yourself and goals, also preparing a website would be good for promotion (No past recruiting experience is needed)

Q: What sort of benefits does the partners get? What does the contract entail

A: The partners will get access to all services of the main Network (Creative Nation) which includes Epidemic Sound Royalty Free Library, CN Dashboard, AudioMicro library and of course no lock in contract, which lets them to leave the network (After 30 days unlinking process by Google)

Q: What Revenue share (%) will the partners get?

A: Partners will get 80% Revenue share of all income sources and 100% on Fan Funding Donations

Q: What sort of a channels that i can partner?

A: We don’t take channels that break the copyright or upload someone elses content. Its up to you of course which sort of a channels you want to recruit to your network in the first place. Also channels with copyright strikes are very likely to get dissapproved by the higher ups.

Q: How much (%) cut will i get from the partners i refer to my network?

A: We have a progressive model, which gives you more revenue share as your network grows. For the each partnered channel your total count will increase. All the earnings will be lifetime long as the channels stay partnered with the network. Channels without any videos are not counted towards the total count to avoid cheating/scamming the system

  • (Tier 1) Starting Point -> 5.0%
  • (Tier 2) Ten (10) Channels Partnered -> 5.5%
  • (Tier 3) Twenty (20) Channels Partnered -> 6.0%
  • (Tier 4) Thirty (30) Channels Partnered -> 6.5%
  • (Tier 5) Fourty (40) Channels Partnered -> 7.0%
  • (Tier 6) Fifty (50) Channels Partnered -> 7.5%
  • (Tier 7) Sixty (60) Channels Partnered -> 8.0%
  • (Tier 8) Seventy (70) Channels Partnered -> 8.5%
  • (Tier 9) Eighty (80) Channels Partnered -> 9.0%
  • (Tier 10) Ninety (90) Channels Partnered -> 9.5%

Networks with either a great business model, website or past experience on recruiting will get automatically moved to Tier 2 immediatly.  

Q: How and when do i get paid?

A: We currently support three different payment systems which are PayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfer. Paypal is paid on 8th each month (after the two month period monthly) if you reach over 1$ of earnings. Bank transfer currently has 75$ threshold and payment date is 15th same goes for Western Union

Q: So how do i recruit or get people to my network?

A: There is multiple ways to recruit people, best effective way is to send unpartnered channels an email about your network and link them a contract to sign. Once they sign it up and accept the invite on youtube, they will be partnered to your network.

Q: Will i get help to get my Sub-Network started up?

A: As always i will be working with my sub networks and they are able to freely talk to me on Skype and ask questions or talk about problems they might have with something. I will doing guidance for everyone who wish to seek it and help out setting up websites and everything you need to run a Sub network.

You can send all your network applications to please include the future website of your Sub-network (If there is any), some information about yourself and what sort of a previous experience do you have. All queries will be answered in less than 24h for the most part and getting the network setup usually takes no time. Please title your emails as “MiraiScope Sub-Network Application”, you may also include questions with your email if you wish to do so.

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