Sins Of A Dark Age Review

Sins Of A Dark Age Review

This game has been in the beta since 2012, probably main reason why it took so long them to launch was that their original publisher stopped supporting the game and these guys eventually wanted to use steam as their platform (Everyone seems to do this; Infinite Crisis, Games of Glory, Primeworld & Strife). Ive had seen the progress of the game from first reveal so i can compare the different states of the games pretty well.

Sins of a Dark Age is an action strategy game from the creators of Sins of a Solar Empire. Explore your inventory, equip your Hero and enter a dark world full of decisive team battles, tide-turning quests, treasured rewards, crafted goods, and strategic trades.

Join fellow players to form a party that will ravage the enemy’s army, execute their Heroes, siege their defenses and then raze their Keep to the ground. But that is the just the beginning of the adventure! – Steam Description

Lets start the review with listing some of the problems in the game – first one being that the graphics are heavily outdated compared to the MOBA competition we have today, landscape/terrain seems pretty dead and flat for most part and textures seem to be okayish.

The game suffers bit of lack of playerbase but that might be now fixed with the current surge of population coming to the game. During at peak hours there seems to be atleast 100-300 players online and ive seen it go low as 50. During worse times there were hardly any people in so you had to play bots for most part (Back in start of early access in steam & 2012). You have an option to play 2v2, which is comparable to ARAM mode from League Of Legends, which probably fills lobbies faster on more quieter hours.

The better parts of the game is of course its soundtrack, while its no match for League One, i think its still very solid Medieval/fantasy soundtrack which fits very well in overall theme of the moba. I do also like the loot/chest system to an extent, except the part when you start opening chests and hope RNG gods for good lot (I don’t like the gambling aspect of the game really).

As always want to wrap up a Positive/Negative breakdown, so people get their TL;DR version.

Positive Aspects

  • Solid soundtrack, which is above most of other competition in moba space
  • Glad to see more games use chest/loot systems
  • Not very hard basics, easy to get into for most part
  • Quest Objectives & Day/Night System

Negative Aspects

  • Graphics aren’t good as they should be in todays standards
  • Low Playerbase might lead to high que times and eventually games demise
  • Very cost Skins for the Heroes compared to their worth and competition prices
  • Requires more Characters and more complex characters to master
  • Lacks some real Unique standpoints which would make it stand from the crowd
  • As overall verdict, i think there are better options out there who want change from League or Dota

If you are interested getting the game or learning more information about it, go here –

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