Sigils: Battle Of Raios

Sigils: Battle Of Raios

Action RPG Sigils: Battle for Raios is now available on iPad, and the game is completely free to play. Sigils combines MOBA/RPG gameplay with captivating battles, a PvE mode, and a wide variety of playable champions consisting of 15 right now and more to come later.

Key Features

– RPG meets MOBA: start out with one Champion and collect more as you play. Each Champion has unique skills that you can customize to fit your style of play.
– A powerful team: team up with your friends and fight through the Deadlands of Raios to defeat the Moth Queen’s brood.
– PvP system: test your skills in real time battles against other players and compete for honor and glory.
– Play everywhere: an Internet connection and your tablet are all you need to join the battle – whether at work, with a coffee or simply on your couch at home.
– Free-to-play: download Sigils for free. In-app purchases are offered to enhance your gameplay experience.


Lead your Champions into battle

  • Play Sigils solo or co-op with your friends in a quick and convenient way. Immerse yourself in the unique world of Raios with its captivating story and atmospheric graphics. Discover the truth behind events that lead to the Great Sundering.
  • From powerful tanks through devastating damage dealers to potent supporters, Sigils has twenty different Champions that fit every play style. New Champions will be coming to the game in future updates.
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