Riot is Actually trying to fix the Jungle

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 Riot is Actually trying to fix the Jungle

There is much to be said about the curent state of the jungle. The pre-season brought major changes not everyone was able to adjust to. There are some good changes, like the specific smite buffs and new jungle items. However, there’s also one incredibly bad change. The new jungle is ruthless.

Between certain neutral moster dealing insane amounts of damage, and certain champions flat out annihilating anyone else, players have been begging Riot to do something about it, but those pleads fell on deaf ears. Until now. Patch 5.5, you see, aim’s to at the very least pave the way for a better, more balanced jungle, and it look’s like Riot just might be on the right track. Let’s go over some of the bigger changes to the jungle, as well as some of the other stuff that came with the latest update.

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All aboard the buff train

The new patch, nicknamed “the buff train” brought a ton of buffs, mostly to champions that were in need of some extra spice. One of those, as you might no doubt know, is Kassadin. Kassadin was nerfed hard recently as his ultimate’s range was halfed. Well don’t worry, because riot decided to make him OP again. On top of upping his ult’s range (wich now allow’s him to pass through every single wall in the game) they reduced the mana cost and, what’s important, the cooldown. Now at max level you can just spam your ult every 2 seconds in order to escape or catch up to a fleeing enemy. Fun.

There were champions that got proper buffs, like Azir. He is another champion hit by the nerf-hammer in a recent patch, so Riot helped him up to his feet by upping his attack speed, as well as the range of his minions. Skarner received slight damage increase to his q and e, Sona has a shorter cooldown on her ultimate and Varus’ Q now goes on cooldown right after starting to cast it (though this seem’s to be broken right now).

Something a lot of people might be happy about is the fact that Riot is trying to make Urgot and zac viable again! His W, while reduced, now scales with 8% mana and his ultimate received a cooldown reduction. While not much, it’ll do until they get around to reworking him. Zac, on the other hand, was not in such a bad spot in the first place, but the new Jungle was not realy treating him favourably.Hopefully the changes are enough to make him viable again. His W’s couldown is reduced whenever a chunk is picked up, and his E’s range is now twice as long.

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Here’s some new toys

Recently Riot removed a very significant item from the game, Deathfire Grasp. This item was a nececity for an incredible amount of champions, so they decided to compensate us by giving us a new ap item. “Luden’s Echo” wich they might have as well called “AP Static Shiv” is just that. A Statikk Shiv for AP players. The passive allows for quick minnion wave clears, as well as doing wonders in teamfights. That and the 120 AP it offers are propably enough to compensated for the removal of Deathfire.

Tank junglers are also getting some love this update, as Riot gave them a brand new item, “Bami’s Cinder”. Basicaly think of it as of a miniature sunfire cape. It has a fiery aura around the character that damage’s enemy champions, creeps and neutrals and increase’s with your level. What’s more, it build’s into “Cinderhulk“, the replacement for the Juggernaut jungler item, so it does not take up extra space in your inventory. I just wanna build this on my dear Wreck’Sai all day long!

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Wow, Summoner’s rift was in beta all this time?!

Now for the less exciting stuff. Riot officialy anounced that The qurent Summoner’s Rift map in no longer considered to be in beta. There have been some slight graphical changes added, as well as the victory/ defeat logos being animated. In my honest opinion, there was realy no reason for it to be “in Beta” in the first place, but what do I know?

In the end, Riot is actualy trying to please their fans for once, and actualy succeding, I’m excited to see the further evolution of the jungle and what people do with the new items. See you guys on the Rift!

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