Overwatch Hidden Hero Abilities

Overwatch Hidden Hero Abilities

There are numerous hidden abilities with some of the heroes in Overwatch in the video above i will be demonstrating. Make sure to also check out our review about the game here –http://miraiscope.com/2016/05/05/overwatch-review/. If i missed some of the abilities you can leave info in description down below and i will add them to list.

You can access all the hero setting from going to options and then going to controls tab and after that choosing specific hero you want to toggle the abilities for.

Hidden Abilities

  • Lucio – Toggle Healing & Speed modes, once the effect wears off it will toggle the other one out
  • Widowmaker – Toggle Sniper Aiming on/off, also its possible to change how fast the scope moves while on sniper mode
  • Mercy – You are able to toggle both guardian angel and the heal / attack buff, this comes rather handy if you are getting finger strain from holding the keys
  • Genji – Auto walk via walls without having to hold spacebar
  • Hanzo – Same as Genji you are able to toggle Auto walk via walls
  • Reinhardt – Toggle Shield, this is rather great since i had always huge arm strains from holding that whole shield all game luckily this fix solves it. However once you have shield toggle on you cannot use your left click attack, but other abilities do work meanwhile

I will updating more of these things as i find them, remember to check out other stuff at our website as well

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