OverWatch Fast Experience

OverWatch Fast Experience

When it comes to some Blizzard titles like Diablo or World Of Warcraft there has been so called Power Leveling, Fast Experience Grinding methods that take you to max level soon as possible. OverWatch currently has no methods in place that would give you significant boosts, however there are few tweaks that let you level up quite fast by using few tricks.

Here’s the latest info on how XP is calculated in OverWatch

  • You receive 4.01 XP for each second you are active in a match, doesn’t roll when AFK to my knowledge
  • 20% XP boost when playing with friends on group
  • You will receive a bonus XP reward based on your highest medal earned. A Gold Medal is worth 150 XP, Silver is worth 100XP, and Bronze Medals only net you 50 XP. Medal rewards do not stack!
  • 250 XP is rewarded if you complete the game regardless the result
  • First Win of the day will get you 1500 XP
  • Finally, you get a bonus 500 XP if you win the match in question.

Level XP Needed to Level Up
1 1500
2 3000
3 4500
4 6000
5 7500
6 8500
7 9500
8 10500
9 11500
10 12500
11 13500
12 14500
13 15500
14 16500
15 17500
16 18500
17 19000
18 19500
19 20000
20 20500
21 21000
22 21500
23+ 22000

The Way my method works is you practically play Soldier 76 on each game all the time, hes the best character to grind Gold Medals with and even if you don´t get one you are bound to get silver, since you usually there arent two healers in the game, which means “healing done” medal is rather easy to get with Soldier 76. Perhaps in future there will be options to buy XP boosts on the game with a price, but no plans for such has been displayed/talked about yet.

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