OverWatch Drop Rates

OverWatch Drop Rates

Not too long ago Chinese law was passed that gaming companies were forced to release Drop Rates for their items (Everything gambling related) this includes Hearthstone, League Of Legends and OverWatch as well. It’s great step for transparency, but today we gonna be looking into some of these statistics and what are the odds of getting certain items. I will do another post for League later on.

OverWatch Lootbox Prices

So first of all its important to look into some of the Lootbox prices, personally i think they are rather overpriced since the game is P2P if it was F2P the context would be different and i would say otherwise. Most people don’t seem to care about this too much. Usually for every event there is around ~100 new items released to collect. So lets look into actual drop rates for each rarity in OverWatch.

Drop Chances

  • Common = 100% (There will be always a gray item included, up to total of 3)
  • Rare = 100% (One Rare item at least will be included if you are not getting Epic or Legendaries)
  • Epic = 18.2%
  • Legendary = 7.2%

Lootbox Farm TimeĀ 

Approximately you can farm up to 1 Loot box per hour by average taking accord that you won’t win every game that you play. Obviously people who play in party and win every game are going to get lot more experience and than people who lose consistently.

  • One Loot Box is earned for the 3rd, 6th, and 9th winning by playing Arcade game modes within the time between 2 resets. This cycle resets every week whether or not you win 9 games. During a special event you can get practically 6 to 8 lootboxes from Arcade.

So the recent OverWatch Anniversary Event is running for 22 days that means you have around 504 hours to get all items released for the event. So lets start to break down that number a bit for everyday guy who is playing OverWatch.

  1. Average time of sleep is ~9 hours that means you are going to be sleeping 192 hours out of 504 hours. Which leaves us 306 hours of free time.
  2. Majority of the players are going to School or Job, these vary a lot per country obviously but i’m going to use 8 hours (Including travel time to job/school) and i will exclude weekends obviously so that leaves us with 128 work hours for three weeks.
  3. After you reduce 128 hours out of 306 hours you are left with 178 hours of free time.
  4. Then you want to remove the time for eating/cooking/taking out the trash and other minor responsibilities, which probably gets you around 140 – 150 hour mark.
  5. Now we have to grind out the skins, getting legendary ones as i explained earlier has 7.2% chance, however there is +50% higher chance to get Event related legendary, so this means if you want all 11 skins you gotta open around ~267 boxes will translate to 267 hours.

So you only actually have around that 140-150 hours but you actually need 267 hours, yes you may have existing in-game currency, but probably not enough to buy everything from the new seasonal items. Most people are not going to sink all their hours into OverWatch and probably will have less time than we calculated if they have other hobbies or do both school & work. Blizzard has designed the system pretty much forcing people to buy stuff in order to collect them all during the event.

  • If you want to get every item with in-game currency you need 387,000 credits.

Seasonal Loot Box Drop Rates Issue

The issue is not really within the actual drop rate % chances, they are somewhat good – they could be better, its the time that makes them retarded. Since you don’t have pretty much any other game out there which has limited items locked behind RNG system. In games Like League you have always to straight purchase the items during the event, none of the crafting exclusive items are behind time limit. If there was 4-8 weeks of time to grind the seasonal items it would be much better, but thats not the case. This system artificially pushes you to buy loot boxes, which i find bad since i don’t want people promoting gambling to young kids nor do i feel you should since you already bought the game.

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