Ori And The Blind Forest Review

Ori And The Blind Forest Review

It’s been while since ive played an Indie game like Ori and the Blind Forest. There isn’t enough focus around great quality indie games from good and Triple AAA studios in general, although i would like to say Dust Elysian Tail & Awesomenauts are great examples of 2D Indie games, that being said i wish there would be more games like them, luckily this game is very similar when it comes to quality.

The game has gotten pretty decent reviews from other websites and personalities, but i think majority of the masses ranked the title bit lower than they should have. The average score seems to be 90 points, but i think its around ~95 to be honest. But lets not focus too much on what other people say, its more important to have your own opinion.

Ori and The Blind forest has probably one of the most superbs Soundtracks done while in gaming, very captivating and varied collection of tracks. Graphical style is very Eastern and i can see some Studio Ghibli influences there and there, it has lot of detail in the background and front – which is very pleasent to watch.

One problem i could see with the game is perhaps the replaybility after first play you have chance to play the game and unlock everything and that might work for one playthrough. I speculated that the game could be very good speed run game (Would enjoy watching some speed runs at Twitch to be honest). But then again i think the first playthrough is very valuable experience since you get to hear the very well done soundtrack and amazing visual world of Ori & the blind forest.

The Good Stuff

  • Master Class Soundtrack – something that you want to listen at your bed or while sitting on bus/train
  • Very Appealing on Graphical aspect & visuals very nice to look at
  • Diverse World containing different zones anywhere from Jungle to Volcanos
  • Decent Storyline with few unexpected twists
  • Very smooth gameplay & controls with good progression system
  • Offers lot of Unlockables & Secret lairs to discover

The Bad Stuff

  • Lacks replaybility in some aspects
  • Some of the zones cannot be entered again once they have been completed
  • Difficulty of the game can be somewhat a rollercoaster through out the game


Overall Ori and The Blind forest is a game that you should definitely buy if you are a fan of Indie games or just enjoy magical gaming experiences. Very good value for your money, especially if you manage to find it from a sale.

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