New Overwatch Heroes Leaked?

New Overwatch Heroes Leaked?

There has been lot of images flying around in multiple places in internet regarding a new leaked hero in OverWatch called Sombra, which is a Spanish word for Shadow, she can be seen in the background on Mexican Map Art, which would indicate lot of things, also you can see her image in a newspaper in the streets.

wDBFvCfThe most recent leaks are regarding this new Android character called Sombra as i already mentioned, she seems to have a sniper rifle and i believe her to be very low mobility based on that bastion and zenyatta are also (#JustAndroidThings).

These are of course just theories, but based on screenshots we have right now would indicate she will be added to the game and she will be a support role, based on the screen capture.

While im not super fan of her design, i still welcome any additional character to the game, since i want it to grow and expand bigger in the universe/world.


Earlier we had these screen captures from the recall trailer with Winston on. While out of these 15 designs i only believe 3 of them might be potential characters, we got the guy with spiky hair which also appears as a full design on a picture below. Then we have this African Chick who seems to be rather detailed on her design, which would indicate her being also a character.

Finally we have the Red Robot, who also appears on picture below, he seems to be a tank type of a character by the looks of it. I hope he would stand out more perhaps on his design and just dont look robot version of reinhardt really. The robot next to him seems to be also a possible character, but looks too pale in my opinion to make it to the final cut.


Our final picture is lot older one, but its relevant to discuss it with the current intel we have. Number #6 seems to be a some type of a hazmat suit guy, who has probably some type of a flamethrower, we dont have that weapon in the game yet and it would make perfect sense that it would be added to the roster of characters, purely on the fact of adding the weapon. Then we got Red Robot again as #5 here he looks lot more unique compared to previous picture.

The Spiky dude #10 is similar to former picture, but has probably gone some changes since then, it would be cool to have character like Jensen from Deus Ex series to be honest, who uses his augmentations as weapons. Lastly we got numbers like #18, #19 and #22 but i believe these are just plain sketches for normal overwatch characters in the lore, they donĀ“t seem to be anything special to be honest or stand out very unique to be added.


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