Master x Master an Innovative Korean MOBA

Master x Master an Innovative Korean MOBA

NCsoft has been while working on a MOBA hybrid game called Master x Master, which currently in 2nd Closed beta in Korea and slated to release in China as well very soon. The games concept is somewhat similar to Heroes Of The Storm, since it has lot of characters from different NCsoft titles such as; Wildstar, Lineage, Aion, Blade & Soul and other NCsoft IP’s that exist. Top of this they have roster of their own characters currently consisting around 24.

Master x Master Features

  • Play Characters from Differet NCsoft IP’s
  • Swap between two different characters at any stage of the game
  • Vast PvE mode where you can level your characters and do Dungeon bosses
  • Different PvP modes like capture the flag and normal MOBA mode
  • Very vast soundtrack with rock, dubstep and other cool influences

So far i have nothing to share about Western release, given the fact that game looks very nice and lot of effort has put into it, we can assume they will launch it at West at some point, perhaps later this year. You can try to sign up from here –

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