How to Make Money by Playing Games

How to Make Money by Playing Games

Gaming industry has grown into very big market and is going to surpass or maybe already has Movie/TV industry. There are new opportunities opening in the industry for different jobs and revenue streams whatever its eSports or something else. This method will how to get money with no investment except time by playing games (in some cases you might automatize the process if you have server PC)

As a first step we need to have a Steam Account and a game that has loot drop system, preferably Dota 2 or CS:GO there is other games too but they arent as profitable as these two.

  1. You play the game until you get loot drops from the games, alternative you can invest in Dota 2 to compendium to get experience boosts and such.
  2. After this you sell the items to steam marketplace (or) you sell them to G2A or Kinguin.
  3. The Guaranteed method is to buy a Triple-A game and buy it as Steam Gift and sell it to Marketplaces in G2A/Kinguin
  4. After the sale has been done you have to usually wait till the money becomes available and after this you cash it out to paypal, bank or whatever option you want (or even use it to buy games from Kinguin or G2A)
  5. When you hit the drop quota in CS:GO or Dota 2 you just simply swap account to other, steam marketplace may have some requirements such as purchasing 10$ worth of games before you can access it or have to verify something like paypal etc.

This method can be more effective if you use certain boosts or you have server PC´s botting/grinding (Might break Steam ToS) the stuff for you. Then there is the whole gamble aspect of course should you sell the chests or buy keys to open them, honestly i dont have right answer for that, but its rather high risk = high reward situation.

Hopefully this guide was helpful and maybe you can earn few bucks a month by grinding some games on steam. If people have more precise questions about it leave it on comment section

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