Mafia 3 Review

Mafia 3 Review

As someone who is big fan of Mafia setting and movies like Godfather, Mafia 3 seemed like a natural buy to me, however i wasn’t really hooked on previous trailers and stuff that i saw on E3 regarding the game.

It’s 1968 and after years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for. Now back home in New Bordeaux, Lincoln is set on escaping a criminal past. But when his surrogate family, the black mob, is betrayed and wiped out by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln builds a new family on the ashes of the old and blazes a path of military-grade revenge through those responsible. Intense gun fights, visceral hand-to-hand combat, white knuckle driving and street smarts will all be needed. But with the right crew, tough decisions and some dirty hands, it’s possible to make it to the top of the city’s underworld.

So ive had rather short experience with previous Mafia games, i think i played hour or two the first game at my friends place and i played a bit the demo of Mafia 2, i wasn’t really super into them or anything, i thought them as average games – however i did love first Godfather game, because it had lot of cool stuff in it, but thats a other topic in itself. So as i previously mentioned i wasn’t hyped about the game nor did i were really waiting it to come out – i just happened to purchase it because i got good price.

I guess the place to start talking about the game is the main character “Lincoln Clay” and i believe there was an intentional purpose to make him black to “sell” more diversity crap that leftist have been pushing a lot. When it comes to this stuff you have to look context too – the game takes place in New Orleans and there are lot of black people there whatever its Haitians and their voodoo stuff or just Afro-Americans so it does fit into the context, ironically a Hispanic is Lincoln’s voice actor so there is that…

Lincoln is a war veteran as it says on the bio and thats pretty much all they tell about him top of the fact he was raised by Sammy who is his adoptive father. He has his sense of humor and anger too i guess, but overall hes not that interesting character and doesn’t bring much to the table – i haven’t played Mafia 2 through, but Vito whose the main character in it does play a part in Mafia 3 and he seems to be lot more interesting character with more depth. There are no “oh thats so typical Lincoln” lines in this game theres nothing unique about him.

Putting that aside its a sandbox game and maybe your character isn’t that important so i can get that. In terms of gameplay the game has rather good vehicle driving engine and shooting is rather fluid, i would say better than GTA 5 even maybe, City itself is rather cool looking but there is not much you can interact with, you can kill civilians and shoot cops or raid places or do Side-missions. Its not as funny to play as GTA games are in the sandbox aspect, but i do think the story is lot better and while it has repetitive missions atleast you know what you have in store, unlike in GTA where you were stuck to do retarded espionage, tailing and other missions that were bullshit (Looking at you CJ). Oh yeah you do have collectibles that you can collect around the map, so there is that too.

The game took me around ~27h to complete, with some side missions not being done. So in terms of getting gameplay hours for the money, i think its rather good deal. While the game had some glitches and bugs at launch, they were patched out (Game is still a tad unoptimized i guess).


  • Best Game Soundtrack list ever
  • You actually give a fuck about the side characters in this game
  • Story is rather solid and has good setting
  • Does offer some choices during the game and ways to upgrade your character, guns, cars and other stuff
  • There were few really cool levels such as the Amusement Park & Ferry, however the level design wasn’t very consistent on all missions


  • The Last mission was rather anti-climatic
  • Mafia 3 does have some repetitive missions
  • Clinton is not very interesting character and lacks depth
  • Some of the aspects from mafia 2 could have been kept such as changing costumes at shops, smoking cigarettes and getting your shoes cleaned etc.
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