League Of Legends Season 5 Power Level

League Of Legends Season 5  Power Level

About a year ago i made a power leveling guide for league of legends, since then Riot has done some changes when it comes how bots play and how bot games give out experience and IP per games. Also one of the big changes was to remove elixirs from the game, which changed some parts of the power leveling aspect. However i am back now with new guide, how to power level to 30 really fast.


  1.  First things first, you make a new account here, in case you don’t have a smurf yet http://mmo-it.com/8Pt
  2.  You will find two persons to play Interdimate Bots in (Co-Op vs. AI) not custom games…
  3.  One of the players should pick out Master Yi, also other really good champions are Janna, Xin Zhao, Nunu, Sivir, Jax and Jinx.
  4. Stack out only potions and dorans in the beginning of the game
  5. Pick Teleport and Smite for summoner spells, others are really bad for most part
  6. Go Proxy behind the enemy tower and let your creeps push to the turret and take down the first turret
  7. After this proceed to next turret and destroy it, but dont take inhibitor yet since you cannot end before 7 minutes, otherwise no IP/EXP
  8. Go back to base and get mobis or dorans and teleport back to lane, take inhibitor and proceed to end game if time is over 7 min or close to it


You are required to have atleast one EXP Boost to make the method faster than normal grinding, both timed and per game EXP boosts stack with each other so you can buy both if you can invest some RP on it. Getting an IP Boost help outs too since you will have considerable low amount of IP when you reach out to level 30 (However since the new changes you can only level to 25 with this method, you should continue rest of the 5 levels in summoners rift).

League Of Legends Season 5  Power Level guide brought you by Sugikhan


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