League of legends Patch 5.9 Breakdown

Off the beaten path

I’ve been rather positive about the last few patches to the game. I believed that Riot was going in the right direction, what with trying to fix the jungle and properly balance the game. However, 5.9 bring’s little good, and it show’s that Riot truly doesn’t know what it’s doing.

All the world on 1 arrow

This is probably the best (and one of the few good) change in this patch. Riot thought it was time to rework everyone’s favorite female archer and, honestly, they did a great job. Most of her kit was at least slightly altered, changing the play style of the Freljord Quinn dramatically. Let’s take a look at her rebuilt kit, one by one.

Her passive, “Frost shot” applies a slow on each auto attack. (though it does not stack) While that in itself is pretty cool, additionally, Ashe will always crit a target that is slowed. In other words, every hit after the first one will be a crit. Over powered as that may sound, it is worth to note that her crit damage multiplier was reduced to a measly 1.10, thus making her just auto attack slightly harder.

Her Q is where stuff get’s cool. (pun totally intended) You see, Frost Shot apply’s stacks to your Q. Those stacks can be consumed at any time to grant her a speed bonus as well as add to the slow effect of her passive. However, if 5 stacks are consumed, the animation, as well as the actual damage of her auto attacks is altered for a short amount of time.

Hawkshot, Ashe’s E, now work’s on an ammunition based system, meaning you can send out up to two consecutive shots GLOBALY around the map to reveal terrain. It no longer generate’s gold, however.

And finally Ashe’s ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. There has only been made one change, although it is a big one. Now the slow it apply’s on hit depend’s solely off of Frost Shot’s current slow value.

Cinderhulk and champion diversity

Hear me out here, for I bring glorious news. Cinderhulk’s AoE damage no longer increases in battle! This is HUGE, as it might finnaly cut that smite top meta that has gotten so popular lately! additionally, they decided to emphasize the fact that it’s supposed to be an item for junglers by making it do double damage against monsters. This is the other good, big change. After this it’s mostly neutral stuff before going downhill.

Let’s be honest, Riot has no idea what they’re talking about then they speak of champion diversity. actually, I’m certain nobody does! They have been throwing buffs and nerf’s left and right, hoping something would stick, and it sorta did. Till now.

All the wrong buffs in all the wrong places

admittedly, there haven’t been THAT many bad changes, however the ones that are here are┬ábig offenders.

I don’t know who decided it was a good idea to buff Renekton, but they buffed Renekton. I don’t feel like it really matters how minor the buff is. This guy does not need any buffs, and I’m fairly sure the majority of the community agree’s on that.

Another mystery is why would Xin Zhao be buffed. Apparently he wasn’t enough of a powerhouse as is, so Riot decided they should let him stun any target he knocked back with his ult. Because you know, everyone need’s CC nowadays. CC everywhere.

The worst offender, however, is Tristana. After her rework, Tristana became THE ADC to play as when your stuck with that position in ranked and don’t know how to play. She might not be incredibly offensive, but her bombs a la Zilean and her multiple ways of escape have made her an incredibly easy champion to play as, and an equally frustrating opponent to lane against. Oh, those bombs also work on towers. So, “why the buff?” I hear you asking. Apparently, her E isn’t as powerful as Riot had hoped for, so they increased the percentage of damage it gain’s from Tristana’s auto attacks.

It could be worse

I know I sounded very negative in this article, and that’s because I am. I do not like this update, and I feel like Riot really dropped the ball this time around. However, it could have been much worse. We only really got 3 buffs that have no right to exist, and we go Ashe’s rework, as well as a slightly nerfed cinderhulk, so I guess it’s an ok trade. Still, I hope the next update is better than this one. Anyway, that’s all from me. I’ll see you on the rift!

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