League Of Legends Patch 5.6 Rundown

League Of Legends Patch 5.6 Rundown

As a habit of mine i usually do a Analysis of the latest patches in League and what they do to our favorite items and champions. Patch 5.6 seems to be heavily focusing around champion buffs more than actual nerfs. You can read the full notes here for reference – http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-56-notes

If you want to get full analysis of the Patch you should check out the video, but i will be mostly focusing few key points in this text version than whole thing.

EliseLets talk about our favorite Spider first Elise. She has been very weak among with Evelynn since Season 5 jungle, due to how jungle works and itemization and of course base stats play major role into all of this. Even though they are buffing movement speed on spider form or doing small adjustment to rappel, its not going to make her viable. Her base stats are far too low among with the damage to be doing anything useful except landing Cocoon as CC, besides the missile speed on that was already fast enough.


Galio was my main champion in Season 2 and i had like 82% winratio probably with the champion. It was very hard to lose a game with him once certain minute mark was reached (long as you weren’t against AD assassins). This buff going to make him able to waveclear much easier than before, also the huge buff to Athenes and chalice are going to make Galio Tier 1 champion against AP’s in midlane. He can work as support too or jungle, but i don’t think they give him good farm enough.

nocNoc getting a cooldown reduction on ultimate is making him be able to compete with other Junglers with similar lockdown (Vi / J4) however his last rank ultimate remains that same 100 seconds, which i feel is too high without building few CDR items like Visage or Brutalizer. I think we can see him bit more now, since less cooldown will be more forgiving while attempting doing ganks.


The Second OP champion after this patch goes live. Singed is going to have major boost to his power now that (E) does % damage. He can properly trade with likes of Maokai, Mundo, Nasus or even Jax on toplane. Few patches ago they made the Mega adhessive fluid change that it will stun if you fling opponent on it, which will also improve overall viability of singed. Very excited to play him again.


Junglers are getting some love. I think if you didnt succeed on ganking you would lose lot in experience, through these changes you can get 6 much faster etc, although i would hope Dragons would give more experience because some junglers want to invest on them early on.

Overall Breakdown (Too Long Didn’t Read or Watch)

Doing a fast version where i breakdown all important stuff and what is really changing the meta game and everything. Only the important stuff, read rest notes on top

  • Singed and Galio being two champions getting huge buffs in this patch and going to be high tier picks in 5.6
  • Katarina and Leblanc getting some number drops, but still going to remain viable.
  • Twitch stronger on earlier levels, still not top tier though
  • Athenes getting buffed along with Chalice time to throw your morellonomicons to trash
  • Junglers getting more experience in later levels in jungle
  • Sejuani nerfed but still viable
  • Ryze small buff
  • Zilean getting lot of mana buffs and ratio increases too
  • Mass Texture balance including Pantheon, Lee, Kayle, Rumble and Ryze
  • Quinn still shit…
  • Evelynn, Bard, Veigar and Elise getting buffs, but nothing that would make them suddenly good again, small changes


Thanks for checking out the patch breakdown. If your not a League Player, you can create account here – http://mmo-it.com/8Pt

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