League of Legends Patch 5.15


Patch 5.15

Riot sure does know their audience, of course they do! It’s not like Fiora was one of the most loved champions of the community, and Teemo is on the completely opposite end of the spectrum. That’s why they did the best thing they could do, rework Fiora and buff Teemo! What could possibly go wrong? Somebody please slap some sense into Riot…

A destructive change

Here’s the thing with Fiora’s rework. It could be good. Real good, in fact. Granted, I’m pretty sure nobody really felt the need to rework Fiora, but still, it could have gone much better… If not for her ult. I am simply in love with her new kit but the ult is just counter intuitive. You basicaly have to move around the target and auto attack them from all sides to do extra damage, and if you kill them you get an AOE heal. Now, I never really liked Fiora’s old ult. I felt like it should have never happened in the first place, but this just look’s like a joke. Oh well, at least it can’t get any worse, can it?

The satan rises to power

Oh boy, me and my filthy, stupid mouth. I’d love to know who thought this was a good idea.  Teemo is infamous for both his ultimate as well as his passive, so imagine my suprise when I learn those were buffed. You can now throw shrooms and bounce them off of each other to get them even further AND over walls. The passive.. you can move around in a bush and they cant even see you… Im done, i’m going back to maining teemo top.

Other than that, they nerfed the effectiveness of tanky Ekko wich, while that build was fun to play us, it was pretty annoying to play against. However, it seem’s like they buffed ap Ekko in the process since they buffed ap ratios, while nerfing base damage. Also, Nidalee nerfs, because Riot hate’s her now.

All in all, other than some HUD changes and tweaks on Zeke’s Harbinger and some other little stuff, that’s it. It’s a real small update, not meant to be big. So that’s all from me for today. See you on the rift!


Oh. Right. They ressurected Gankplank too.

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