League of Legends Patch 5.10 – Supports get some love

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Supports were not forgotten

Riot is doing stuff. Good stuff. I mean, first they tried to fix the jungle, then they put out decent updates. (bare the one before that) It was only a matter of time until they tackled supports, and while not too much has changed, it seem’s like a good start. Between the huge changes for Karma, the small tweaks for other supports and the support item changes we have quiet a bit to cover, so I’m gonna get right down to it.

A good did for a good did

I have to say, I did not see the Karna changes coming. She just seemed like a champion riot barely remembers. That being said, this update’s changes are pretty much a buff, with a couple of exceptions. I’m not sure where they are going with these changes, but they’re definitely buffs.

First up, her passive. Karma can now reduce all of her cooldowns much more effectively, as the cooldown reduction granted by her passive on spell hit or auto attack hit have both been buffed. specifically, while the base CD reduction is unchanged, it now rump’s ap with level. This is bound to creat some fun plays.

Her regular W, Focused Resolve, can now be cast on monsters. While I’m not sure how much this is going to change, the spell also got an increase in its AP scaling. The Mantra’d version of the spell however, now add’s to her W’s root time, no longer adding any damage, making it a utility skill.

Inspire, Karma’s E got a lowered cooldown, as well as cost on cast, but the shield has been nerf slightly. The mantra’d version increases that shield by a significant amount, no longer dealing damage, and granting allies near your initial target a shield worth 50% of what the original shield is.

Cause we are the supports

For the lesser changes to supports we Have Leona, Lulu and taric. Leona finally got her E’s hitbox slimmed down, making it match with the actual animation. I have no idea why this took so long, but hey, better late than never. Lulu basicaly got a balance change. Her base main regen stat was buffed, while it’s growth per level was nerfed. Finally, out fabulous gem knight got a nice cost reduction on his Q. Maybe he won’t have to sell all his gems to afford the mana potions anymore!

We are the one’s who need supporting

For the non-support changes, the most notable one seem’s to be the one of Cassiopeia. Her heal on her passive, as well as the mana refund on her E were both slightly nerfed. It is a minimal nerf, but maybe it slow her down from becoming the late game killing machine we all know and love. (?)

The nerf hammer this time around hit Gragas, jinx and Sejuani. Let’s face it, Gragas and Sejuani are beasts in the jungle right now, but Jinx already faced a nerf lately, so I don’t really see why Riot got so committed to nerfing her more. Granted, her late game seem’s to have gone a tad bit better. Her Qs bonus attack speed was almost halved, trading it for additional attack speed scaling with level. Gragas got slight nerfs to his Es range, while Sejuani’s bonus magic damage on her W was almost halved.

Check out my bling

As always, items. Bilgewater Cutlass, Blade of the ruined king and Banner of command got some range tweaks. That’s basically all for those. What has really changed are some support items. The Ancient coin line got some nice buffs. The gold gain per minion death on every item got upped by one, the range in wich that gold is granted was buffed. Nomad’s medallion health on minion death and mana regeneration was doubled and the cooldown on Talisman’s active got reduced.

Ardent Censer (this name is ridiculous) got some interesting changes. While the bonus attack speed it granted to allies you shield/ heal got reduced by half, it now add’s the target 30 bonus magic damage on hit. Also, you can no longer target minions so… sorry Alistar.


And that’s all for this update, personally I love it, and I hope you guys are positive about it to. See you on the rift!

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