League Of Legend Patch 5.7 – Buff train goes on

League Of Legend Patch 5.7 – Buff train goes on

Riot has decided to keep the buffs coming after 5.6. Nerfs are few and far between, and buffs are given to champion even if they don’t need them. Excluding the buffs to Darius and Fizz however, most changes seem fair. It look’s like the balance team at Riot Games learned how to actually balance a game.

Ask and you shall receive

One of the most requested changes lately has been Bard’s passive. People have been complaining about it not being viable, as it take’s to long to collect them, and their buffs aren’t that significant, other than the max meep upgrades. Well, Riot heard our pleads and they… buffed the amount of mana you get back from chimes. Not to say it isn’t useful, but it still won’t make you wanna leave lane for chimes that are farther on the map. At least there has been a change to meeps, as they now spawn much faster!

Some other minor buffs include Garen and Shen’s ults’ cooldown reduction and Evelyn’s increased damage on her Q while Teemo and Quinn had their ‘miss’ window changed so that their more effective. Darius’ Ult got a complete cooldown negation if it kill’s a champion while at max level, and Fizz… I have honestly no idea what the hell is going on with this champion anymore. It’s a buff though.

Nidalee got some slight nerfs in order to be more squishy against tanks, Kassadin’s R passive got slightly nerfed and Maokai’s passive got changed to start from a 5% of maximum health and rank up to 7%. Morgana got some shiny new particles on all of her skins, too! As an old mainer of Morgana, I couldn’t be happier.

Finaly, the jungle was hit slightly via the nerfs of the new jungler item, “cinderhulk” as well as the toadstool smite buff, Though I feel like that shouldn’t be to much of an issue.

Overall it was a rather thin update, just following¬†¬†up the buffs from last time. Anyway that’s all from me, see you on the rift!

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