Kixeye Stops TOME Immortal Arena Development

Kixeye Stops TOME Immortal Arena Development

Not too long ago Kixeye gave an official statement about future of TOME Immortal Arena. I Did mention in one of my earlier videos that this would be very possible given hard competition surrounding the MOBA genre. However there was lot of misfortune falling to the development team (see full statement below) which explains this decisions was made.

Although from my Expert kinda view i do not see that the game would have done any better if it just had stayed in browser form. If you were a TOME player i suggest checking out Adventure Time Battle Party if you were browser gamer or wait till Gigantic & Arena of Fate get launched in upcoming months.

Dear players,

We have ended official development of TOME.  The servers will remain up, but do not expect any new content or features anytime in the near future.

TOME started out as a project that would be a browser based MOBA in flash on the then healthy and growing facebook gaming platform.  During the development process, Adobe pulled support for many things that we needed to make it possible in flash, so we switched to the Unity web player.  Then, facebook’s gaming platform lost a lot of steam as developers and players moved to mobile and other platforms, so we decided to target our own platform.  Finally, it was announced that Google (along with other browser makers) had decided to end NPAPI support which impacts the Unity web player.  Our last chance was to throw it on to Steam to see what would happen.  Unfortunately, there is no way that makes economic sense to drive players to our game on Steam.  TOME was never meant to be a PC download title, especially since there are already great MOBAs enjoyed by many millions of people.

If we had decided from the start to make a PC MOBA, it would have been a very different game or we would not have done it at all.  We aimed to make a faster paced, shorter session MOBA that would appeal to a different audience on a different, more accessible platform.  TOME is personally one of my favorite games and this decision was extremely hard to make.  The team that worked on TOME was one of the most talented groups in the entire gaming industry.  However, the majority of those very talented people are still at KIXEYE working on new games.

The news about our reorganization was indeed linked to us ending development of TOME, however it was a bit exaggerated.  We have narrowed the focus of the company to support our existing browser titles and our soon to be globally launched mobile games:  Vega Conflict, War Commander Rogue Assault, Shadow Forge (codename) and a very special title that I’m personally working with Dave and Paul on.

We are in talks with a few partners who have more distribution power about taking over TOME development, but nothing concrete and no promises yet.


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