Junkrat Achievement Guide

Junkrat Achievement Guide

Starting from now own we are going to add guides for all achievements or trophies that may be hard/difficult to obtain in OverWatch. We are going to start witch JunkRat, not only he is my favorite character to play he also has two achievements “Roadkill” and “Mine Like A Steel Trap” that may seen bit hard to obtain, but have clear way to get them easy with my methods.

  • Roadkill – Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Junkrat’s RIP-Tire in quick or competitive play (Reward: Cute Spray)
  • Mine Like a Steel Trap – Knock an enemy into your Steel Trap using Junkrat’s Concussion Mine in quick or competitive play (Reward: Pixel Spray)

Starting with Roadkill Achievement, this is i guess the harder one of the two. There are multiple maps where you can do this – but i guess best are control point based maps since usually that means people are stacked in one spot instead of spread around like in Payload maps. The Greek map offers you really great spot to do the ulti (which you can see in the video) there are lot of other spots that let you use the riptire to your advantage, i recommend opening settings and enabled wall climbing since that goes long way.

Mine Like a Steel Trap Trophy

The Second achievement is of course Mine Like a Steel Trap and its rather easy to do, if you are playing defense. So on any type of a control/payload or payload map simply go next to the spawn doors and lay your concussion mine in front (Don´t attach it to the door, just next to it) and half meter away the steel trap. Once doors open there is high proximity that someone will just blindly walk out and enter the radius of Concussion mine and you will detonate it.

Getting this achievement by inserting both mines in long distance from each other is super hard and kudos if you managed to do that. For that reason i feel this method is much more effective, since you can´t really fail it – i got it done on my first try, in some of the maps the doors are bit more blurry so opponents cant see that you are landing the traps. Unlocking this achievement can be sometimes buggy, but after they fall from explosion and walk to trap (THEMSELVES) that doesnt count for the achievement/trophy.


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