Heroes Of Soulcraft

Heroes of Soul Craft

Heroes Of Soulcraft

Revolutionary Arcade MOBA launches: play 5 or 15 minute matches cross-platform touch vs. mouse vs. gamepad

  • HoS finally breaks the platform boundaries: play team based multiplayer matches across all platforms with touch, gamepad or mouse. Experience the gameplay depth of PC games on any platform – including mobile!
  • Having a short break on the road? Play a 5 minute game (2vs2) on your mobile! At home? Play 15 minute games (4vs4) on your tablet, console or PC
  • Other MOBAs are too complicated? Learn the basics within a minute and master the game step by step by enabling more features at your convenience
  • HoS is being developed by a group of industry veterans whose games like SoulCraft 1&2 or Arena Wars have been featured by Apple, Google & more
  • HoS Alpha has just been released for free in Europe on Android (mobile+tablet), AndroidTV (console) and Windows (PC). More platforms coming soon!

“Contrary to popular belief we don’t think it is always the right approach to design a game with a specific platform in mind”, says Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits. “We think we need to optimize our game for a specific use case. In what situations will you play it? How much time do you have per session?”. HoS was specifically designed for short 15 or even 5 minutes sessions throughout your day. If the game fits into your schedule, you then want to choose the best platform currently available for you. If you are at home on your couch you will probably want to play on your tablet or console. Or you sit down and play on your PC. If you are on the road you will probably use your mobile phone. In any case you will always expect to play with and against the same people regardless of your current platform. By concentrating on these short session use cases, HoS is in no way a competitor to existing PC MOBAs. “If current PC MOBAs are great 2 hour movies, we are an awesome YouTube clip. If PC MOBAs are your favourite meal, HoS wants to be your favourite dessert”,


Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits.


Heroes of SoulCraft (HoS) trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TM99s0p7V4 

You can sign up for the game here and start playing – http://hosgame.com/


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