Gigantic Set to Launch in Xbox One

Gigantic Set to Launch in Xbox One

Microsoft unveiled today that they will be partnering up with Motiga to release Gigantic in Xbox One later this year along with Windows 10 Support with Cross-Play option, which means that you can hop into play with same account either on PC or Xbox One. The Launch should happen in 2015, which confirms that we are nearing Closed/beta soon? You can read the full original statement down below.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to publish Gigantic on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

A simple statement, but it says a lot. For starters, it affirms the faith we’ve had inGigantic all along—that it represents something bright, refreshing, and fun in a sea of sequels and knockoffs. Gigantic is going to be a key launch title for Windows 10, and countless console gamers will play it on their Xbox Ones, too.


Second, it means the Gigantic community is about to get a whole lot bigger, and that’s a good thing! A competitive game like Gigantic thrives when lots of people try it, and now we have the resources to bring Gigantic to more gamers faster and in a higher-quality fashion than Motiga could have ever done alone. We’ll be translating the game into more languages and hosting matches on more servers spread around the globe. That means you get a high-fidelity competitive online experience: better ping times for you and your teammates.


Third, the Gigantic team can tap directly into Microsoft’s expertise. After all, Microsoft created both platforms, and we’ll be getting advice and info straight from the source. The Microsoft campus is 20 minutes away by car, so we have unfettered access to everything we need to make Gigantic shine on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


Right about now, you’re probably asking yourself the same kind of questions we had when we first started talking with Microsoft about Windows 10.  We’ve been neck-deep in Windows 10 for a while now, and we’re impressed at the gamer-centric features it has: social sharing, streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 platforms, and more. And when they told us gamers could upgrade to Windows 10 for free, we were sold.


Maybe more important than any of that, we’ve seen a renewed sense of purpose at Microsoft to make the Windows 10 launch a moment to really push PC gaming. One of PC gaming’s biggest powerhouses is upping the ante in a big way.


Likewise, Gigantic on the Xbox One is a great experience. We’d always believed Gigantic could be a successful console title from the game’s earliest days, and many testers told us they saw the potential, too. We didn’t want to dumb down the experience or come out with a second-class port, though. This partnership with Microsoft lets us make an Xbox One version that’s first class all the way.


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