Free League Of Legends Skins

Free League Of Legends Skins

We all like skins. We like seeing the character we play a lot with in some new rugs. It spruce’s things up! Skins, however, cost money, and while I don’t mind dropping a few bucks on a couple new ones, not everyone has the luxury of spare money to spend. Well, fret not for I bring the gift of knowledge! Knowledge… of how to get some free skins!

First up, we have “Unchained Alistar”. In order to redeem the skin, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the league of legends website and your youtube and click one of the following links: EUW –
    NA –
    EUNE –
  2. Press subscribe. This will redirect you to a google page asking for some permissions. Just press “accept”.
  3. You should now have the “Unchained Alistar skin unlocked, as well as Alsistar himself if you haven’t unlocked him previously.



Next up we have “Riot girl Tristana”. Now, I used to think this skin was god awful. That, however, was before Tristana was reworked and so were all of her skins. Let’s see what you gotta do in order to get this beauty:

  1. First you have to head on over to League’s facbook page here:
  2. Under the banner, you will find a “Free riot girl tristana” button. Click it.
  3. Click on the region you play on
  4. Press the big grey (and only) button that say’s “Get riot girl tristana”
  5. You will get a code. Go to your lol launcher and navigate to the store, then the “codes” section.
  6. Insert the code in the given text box.
  7. ???
  8. Profit

Last one is “Dreadknight Garen” .Here’s how to look fab while screaming “DAMACIAAAA”:

  1. Go to riot’s twitter page here:
  2. Under their icon you will find a link. Click it after hitting the follow button on this twitter profile.
  3. A new tab will open up. Click the region you play on. Click the big grey and only button on the page.
  4. A pop up will appear asking you to authorize the “woobox” app. Just press “authorize app”
  5. You will get a code, open your league launcher and navigate to the “codes” section of the store
  6. Insert the code in the text box in the middle
  7. spin to win!


Woad Ashe Free Skin

If you’re still not satisfied, fret not, for if you’re from Brazil, there is a one more skin you can get for free. Let’s see how you can get “Woad Ashe”:

  1. Go to…
  2. Enter your username and email
  3. You will get a code. Navigate to the “codes” section of the store in your lol client
  4. Redeem the code in the text box in the middle
  5. Have fun!

So that’s it for the free skins! I hope there’s a skin here for a champ you might like. Also, if you would like to try out some custom skins made by the community, make sure to head on over to See you on the rift!

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  • bonbon

    pity i dont live in brasil :[
    a good think to know tho, espeially if rito as it happened recently is making a discount on a free-to-get skin like coughdreadknightgarencough

  • Yeah thats pretty stupid, they should pull him out of the store and make him twitter exclusive to be honest.

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