Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Guide

Final Fantasy XV AP Farming Guide

For those who want all the 999 AP abilities from the skill tree it might take some time to do that, luckily there are many methods inside FFXV which let you farm AP really fast without having to use AP Hacks or anything like that. Obviously AP Grinding can be bit tiresome so you always want to find a way that is rather fast and efficient.

In this guide i will be showing you how to get AP really fast by farming a one spot on the map, i can’t scientifically prove is it the most fastest spot, but at least should be one of the best.

First we need to travel to a spot that is under Hammerhead, there is this roman column which is leaning on the sand, you can’t miss it. Next you need to use Monster whistle which you obtain (If i remember right from Chapter 4 also can be bought from Car’s Shop) which you use to summon monsters. There are two types of monsters that spawn in this area its either Sabretusks or the scorpions, obviously there are certain spots where you trigger the other and their numbers can vary.

  • When scorpions are summoned they are always either 2 or 3
  • When it comes to Sabretusks they can be either packs of 2, 3 or 4 – so its very important to get the tusks all the time
  • During night Goblins can spawn and they are usually in packs of 3 to 5, but they always come up with iron giant, which takes long time to kill and isn’t very helpful with AP Grinding

When night hits you either wan to go nearby Camp to rest (Where you get 2 AP if you have required talent + you can eat and boosts ignis cooking) or you can just walk to hammerhead and rest there for 30 Gil. Higher level you are, more faster you kill the tusks and scorpions with my level i was able to one shot them and so should be most people.

  • Its important to have certain talents which you AP on use, such as Armiger & Elemancy talents, they fasten up the process a bit.
  • Ive heard Shield Of Just is rather fast for AP Grinding, so if you have that you might wanna use that if you have it.
  • Heavier Weapons have slower warp strike, so please use light weapons like daggers or normal blade.

You can farm up to ~500 AP per hour even, if you land all warp strikes and have additional AP boost talents from the skill tree. Please look video for the closer method how its done.

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