Fast Battle Points in PUBG

Fast Battle Points in PUBG

Grinders & Farmers who are looking to get lot of Battle Points really fast in PUBG have come to the right place. This method doesn’t cost you any money or you don’t need to download shady programs or remove files from your folders.  Look below for full instructions (Or just watch video above)

  1. So the very first thing you need to do is que in for solo mode (Third person or first person, doesn’t matter that much) and its very important to do solo, because it rewards highest amount of points per kill/damage/position compared to Squad/Duo. Doing Full Damage and Kill on 1 guy is going to score you ~100 Battle points approximately.
  2. Next you gonna pick server, this also doesn’t matter that much long as you go for one with people with poor connections or less tryhards (avoid EU I guess)
  3. Once you have entered the plane stay there till the very end until it automatically drops you, now you will be seeing other people dropped out of same time who are <AFK> your gonna land very near to them if you don’t release your parachute or juggle around, once you land you kill them with your firsts and pick easy BP.
  4. Usually there will be other people exploiting this method, look around if they move while falling down to the ground to tell if they are actually playing dead or just AFK.
  5. Alternatively you can land faster and get gun and shoot them when they fall, but this has risk of them escaping or you just not finding any guns from houses.

Some people might call this very cheap way to grind Fast Battle Points in PUBG but in the end of the day it still remains the fastest method, since bluenote hasn’t introduced any sort of boosters or other methods to gain Battle points in the game. Make sure to subscribe for more guides & PUBG videos!

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