DOOM Review

DOOM Review

Since this site always been independent website, we have the privilege to say what we want and don´t get paid for opinions like some other gaming news sites do, sadly due to adblock “paid editorials” are kinda the thing right now. I feel lot of bigger sites were overhyping DOOM for the audience, but maybe its nostalgia for them – however i haven´t really played the other DOOM games in big extents so i might just have different opinion on the game.

I have to say at first that i dont really have a doom background, ive played some of them online perhaps 20 minutes or so and ive seen of course the movie with The Rock on it, was decent but probably lot of people disagree with that statement. It was hard decision whatever to give it thumbs down/up, but i always compare the monetary valuation to gain/experience i get from a game and what really tipped off the balance was the high price.

So the single player campaign is roughly 9-10h long, which is rather short for a game that has Triple A price, then again times are changing and you cant no longer expect longer games i suppose (atleast on FPS space). Nevertheless the game reeks lot of mediocrity, music/story/level design all were rather mediocre for my taste. The gun variation was good, but i felt you could not get ammo for some of the better weapons that much, so you ended up using Shotguns 80% of the time.

I did enjoy the upgrade system, runes and suit upgrades, however i stopped caring about them latter part of the game (I think around last 2h i was kinda getting bored of the gameplay aspects of Doom). Overall i don´t think its a bad game, but like they say in my favorite reality Tv-show Shark Tank, “You came in with a Over Valuation of your product” would be rather true with the current price tag on the game.


  • Map Editor
  • Well optimized game, no frame drops
  • Enjoyable and nice Bossfights
  • Different Game Modes in Multiplayer bring some variety


  • Rather lackluster soundtrack/music
  • Story was rather pathetic, didnt like cliffhanger
  • Rather expensive when compared to the content you will be getting
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