Dishonored 2 Review

Dishonored 2 Review

One of the more anticipating games from this years E3 was Dishonored 2 and i kinda can see why some people would view it like that, i mean first of all Bethesda is very close to becoming the next Blizzard in terms of popularity and fanboys, i mean it was Arkane Studios who made the game, but Bethesda was the publisher.

Dishonored 2 is set fifteen years after the first Dishonored, wherein Corvo Attano restored Emily Kaldwin to the throne after being framed for her mother’s assassination. Dunwall has prospered under the reign of Emily, who has been training with Corvo to protect herself from assassins. The Empire is plunged into chaos when the Empress is suddenly dethroned by an “otherworldly usurper”, and becomes an outlaw to society. Whichever character the player picks is optionally granted powers by the mythical Outsider, and they set out to restore the throne.

So i actually liked the first game, but i think it had clear flaws one being kinda mediocre non-interesting story, while the design/landscape/outfits and the world seemed interesting, which is rather pity to be honest – other point i had dislike for was that the game was way too short (Took me 9h to play original Dishonored) Luckily Dishonored 2 is at least a bit longer, my run with the game lasted roughly ~13 hours, with collecting around 80-90% of the collectibles in the game, so not a absolute full 100% run.

The new feature that we have in Dishonored 2 is the fact we can choose between two characters Corvo and his daughter Empress Emily Kaldwin, aside from different voice actors and dialogue they also have somewhat different animations, textures on weapons and more importantly slightly different skill trees. For example Corvo is still being able to use his Rat Attack Spell, while Emily can summon a doppelganger among other things. I Guess the upside in this is the fact it gives you more reason to play the game twice, but i was rather exhausted around 7th mission on the game and kinda wanted to wrap the tortilla already, why?

Well… i think the story was much poorer than it was in first game, they pretty much copy pasted the original story with Coup and had pretty much same format with a hub and missions. Two things i didn’t like was the fact i couldn’t go back to old missions to collect runes or i couldn’t start a New Game+ with upgrades that i had on my skill tree and weapons. The way the game is built you can’t get all upgrades on skill tree and weapons, you just simply won’t have enough money or points to do so.

Rune crafting was the new element they introduced which was nice addition to the game however it made u think what to do and what to sacrifice, however in latter part of the game i realized how useless majority of the Bone pieces were among with some abilities on skill tree.


  • Corvo and Emily have their own dialogues and differences in abilities, which makes it bit more interesting and gives you a reason to play the game twice with each character
  • Rune Crafting was pleasant and nice
  • Upgrading Weapons and searching for hidden loot was enjoyable
  • Level design was much more diverse and better looking compared to first game


  • Story was lackluster, i couldn’t really give much fucks about the people in it, lot worse than first game
  • Keeps crashing while ALT/TAB on windowed, fullscreen and windowed borderless among this there some other minor glitches and bugs, even got one of my save files corrupted.
  • The multiple endings were kinda bad
  • I think the music could’ve been better and much more standout
  • No New Game +

Hopefully you liked my Dishonored 2 Review and it helped you to come conclusion will you buy the game or not, but to really give my last thoughts on the game, i really would wait for a sale or price drop because i do not think it’s really worth Triple A price. You can purchase the game here

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