Dirty Bomb Loadout Guide

Dirty Bomb Loadout Guide

This is a beginner tutorial/guide to learnings how Loadout cards work in Dirty Bomb out of courtesy of DSGjr. I Suggest checking out the whole video in order to understand who the system works in general and how do you equip the loadouts, how do i combine them and everything else related to loadouts.

Rarity Of Loadouts

Loadout Cards come in 8 different types of rarity, which go as follows; Default, Lead, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Obsidian and Cobalt.  Default, Lead and Iron cards all share the same pose per merc, Bronze and Silver cards share the same pose per merc, and Gold and Obsidian cards share the same pose per merc.

Rarity Augments Transaction Fee # of ‘Rarity-1’ Cards needed Skin
Default 0 Free N/A Beige
Lead Lead 1 Lootable only N/A Desert Camo
Iron Iron 2 500 Credit.png 3 Khaki Camo
Bronze Bronze 3 1,000 Credit.png 3 Forest Green Camo
Silver Silver 3 2,000 Credit.png 4 Carbon Fiber
Gold Gold 3 4,000 Credit.png 4 Gold or Gold + Red
Cobalt Cobalt 3 10,000 Credit.png 6 Grey + Blue or Digital Cyan
ObsidianObsidian 3 Promotion only N/A Red (Beta Fighter) or Green + Orange (Founders)

Default and Obsidian are special in that they have special subtitle text (known examples are “Default“, “Beta Fighter“, “Founders“).

Dirty bomb augments


Each of the Loadouts that are higher than Lead will have augments on them, these are special abilities such as “Drilled – 20% reduction to reload time”. Lead will have one augment on it, iron will have two and bronze has three. Everything above bronze will also have three and won’t give you a competitive edge over the other opponents its mostly visual stuff like skins and pose changes for the most part.

  • Each of loadout cards have their own weapon set too, which will vary per each character (More on Weapons)
  • Some Augments are set to certain class only like; Intel, Scout, Support, Specialist & Defensive.
  • Perks aren’t restricted to certain rarity, they can appear on every loadout

Hopefully this guide was useful and you learned more about Dirty bomb as you browsed through it.

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