Deus Ex System Rift Review

Deus Ex System Rift Review

It hasn’t been too long since Mankind Divided was released and Square is already pushing out the first DLC mission called System Rift out on consoles and steam. There will be second DLC coming out early 2017, but if you had bought Season pass like i did you will get both of these for free.

Overview of Story

Re-unite with Frank Pritchard, Adam’s friend and former colleague at Sarif Industries, and assist him in hunting down information on the mysterious Santeau Group. Desperate to get more information, Pritchard targets one of the most secure data banks ever created – the Palisade Blade. In agreeing to help, Adam may also be able to uncover hints as to who the Illuminati really are.

When i first heard that Pritchard would be making his return on DLC i was rather happy, he was one of the highlights of Human Revolution. System Rift doesn’t take place in any specific time period so you can play it any point you want, however due to difficulty i might recommend playing it after main game. The game can last up to 3-5h depending on your playstyle and how much things you want to discover, of course it can be speed-run in a hour too probably.

While the story doesn’t actually affect the main game too much, where as its loosely searches connection with Illuminati – it somewhat still counts, but if you compare it to Human Revolution DLC Missing Link it rather had no impact really on the story. With this being said my hopes are rather low that next DLC won’t have anything to do with main storyline rather again another spin-off where you cant continue with praxis set or weapons.

The DLC doesn’t introduce any new elements really in terms weapons, items or abilities its more of a extra stuff for the hardcore fans, not that normal fans can’t enjoy it. The 12$/12€ pricepoint is only thing that puts me slightly off since i think it could’ve been 9,99$ instead and then it would have made more sense, but the DLC wasn’t in my opinion as big to warrant such price. But then again i bought Season pass so i’m happy where im at.


  • We get to see Pritchard x Jensen again
  • Shadowchild is a good supporting character
  • Level design shows variety with graphical design and locations


  • I maybe would have wished bit longer DLC with that amount of money
  • You didn’t get to keep praxis & weapons from normal game
  • Somewhat anti-climatic ending for the DLC

If you are interested buying it you may consider getting it cheaper from G2A using my code “SUGI” to get 3% discount

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