Bard, the Wandering Troll


Let me show you the world!

Riot has recently been releasing some truly unique champions. From the prehistoric transforming beast Gnar, to the door wielding strongman Braum, to the void burrower Rek’sai the past 6 or so champions have given us something relatively new to play with. Fortunately, Bard doesn’t stray far from that.

Unfortunately though, he also share’s something in common with another recent champion, Kalista and that’s the very troll-friendly ult. If you ever played Kalista, you know how her ult can be used to easily deny someone a kill, or walk into the entire enemy team while an ally is in your ult. Bard is worse, as his ultimate can be cast on anyone and anything, with varying results.

Santa claus is coming to the Rift!

Let’s talk about his visual design first, though.  Bard is a fat guy(?) with wooden pikes for legs, a luscious white beard and blitzcrank’s face a mask. I just have to comment on how much he look’s like what I imagine Runeterra’s Santa would look like. He’s even red! On a serious note though, I believe him to be one of League’s most beautiful champions to date. He give’s off a sort of studio ghibli vibe, wich is always a plus of course.



Elderwood Bard, Bard’s first skin, look’s truly gorgeous. He is seemingly made out of wood, wearing a blue/purple tunic and his beard has been replaced by a bunch of leafs. I feel like the design team made the color palette just right for this to look pleasing to almost anyone’s eye! And, of course, the meeps are replaced by hearthstones. You can’t beat that. No dice.

A true support

Bard’s kit was designed from the ground up for the t role. His q is a skillshot that pierce’s an enemy and apply’s a slow on them. If the skillshot hit’s two targets or a target and a wall, the target/s will be stunned. This, as it’s worth to note, is bard’s one and only damage dealing , and It’s hard CC. Any carry is gonna have a field day with him!

His W is a heal. Bard drop’s a little shrine wich can be picked up by an ally by walking over it. In the same way, an enemy can destroy it. The shrine charge’s over time and the more it’s charged, the bigger the heal. It is also worth to note that the  can be cast on a champion for an immediate heal. It also apply’s a slight speed buff.

Let Bard take you on a magical journey with his E. It create’s a one-way passage that will go through any terrain at any length. Keep in mind anyone can pass through that passage, though. Friend or foe.



His Ultimate is what I want to pay attention to. It has a zhonnya’s effect that you can throw anywhere around you. It stop’s allies, foes, minions, jungle creeps and even drake and Baron. Used properly, this ability can save your entire team, secure a kill or a gank or even drake or baron. Used in the wrong way, though… It can screw you over. Completely.

A roaming support

Now, Riot tried to bring the “Roaming Support” back into to the game. I said “tried” because the moment you leave lane, even if you just took out the entire enemy team, you’re gonna get flamed so hard even your grandchildren will fill it. Why would you leave lane, you ask? Oh, but to collect chimes of course! Let me explain. When you play as bard, there are new thing appearing all around the map. They are called chimes. Collecting one will give you a temporary movement speed boost, as well as regen some mana. Also, every five chimes you collect will give you passive bonuses such as extra damage, mana regen or… meeps.

Meeps are the second part of Bard’s passive. Every few seconds a meep will spawn next to you. Tha meep will be thrown on your first auto attack dealing extra damage. At first only one meep can follow you at a time, but as you collect more chimes, that number increases to 3.

It is a peculiar thing

I’m not sure how to feel about Bard. On one hand he can be very fun, and his ult is game changing. On the other, in the wrong hands he could be destructive to his allies. He also suffer’s from a very rare problem. It’s not about how you play him, but about how others play WITH you.

I feel like I could only recommend this champion to really experienced support players, and preferably with someone you know playing ADC. Do NOT try him in a different role, unless, you’re really looking to just fool around.

Anyway, that’s all from me. See you on the Rift!


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